Today I want to share the printable planner I've been using so far this year. Here's a link to the lovely blog where I got the planner:

(I am copying her pictures to share on this page. These are pictures from the Making Lemonade Blog. Please visit her site. You can download a copy of her planner for yourself from her blog. This isn't sponsored or anything. I just really love how pretty the planner is and wanted to share and talk about it.)

Everything you need is included in this download. Their is a gorgeous front that matches details of each page. I love that their are pages to detail each day, week, and month! Here is a taste!

So I've been trying to use this planner this year to try to keep track of life! I am so bad at keeping up with everything that we have going on! I found this planner and I just print out some pages and put them in a binder that I already had. I need to get some…


I've started getting into astrology lately. 

/əˈsträləjē/ Learn to pronounce noun the study of the movements and relative positions of celestial bodies interpreted as having an influence on human affairs and the natural world.  
DEC 27, 2019: There is more to life than your career, so if it's not going the way you would like it to be going right now, just don't worry about it. Shift your focus to the areas of your life that are going well—there are quite a few to choose from. If your career happens to be going exactly the way you want it to be going, then good for you! Take time and enjoy it. After all, you can afford to put things on auto pilot, take your foot off of the gas pedal, and take a long lunch or leave a little early.  (

This is something that I needed to here right now. I have been stressed about work and was just wishing my days away waiting for Christmas to come. I am certainly soaking up the time…

Some new things

So much has changed and so much has stayed.
M1 was selected treasurer of the Future Business Leaders of America. It looks like shes gonna be like her daddy and run a business! She recently finished another season of volleyball. Im so proud of her but man is this Momma tired from all the activities!
I'm excited to get back in it so here are some products that I am loving right now!

I have been doing this for a month and it has been so amazing! My legs are so smooth! I love it! (Shave wet legs with coconut oil & cocoa butter baby gel oil for soft glistening and smooth legs)

Mr. V shares his deodorant with me sometimes and we have been loving this stuff! It's spray deodorant. We both like the Clean Comfort smell. It's easy to just spray it on after getting dressed. 

We have been buying so much Emergen-C and Theraflu lately. It's crazy! I've been trying to get some Emergen-C in everyone as much as I can to boost there immune systems. But when that doesn't wor…

Welcome Lovelies!

I'm going to give this blogging thing a new start! I am starting fresh and new but I hope that some of my old followers will find me and come back!

There's a lot to update every one on and I promise that I will very soon!

I'm so excited to start back and to share how life is going! See you soon!