Tuesday, September 13, 2016

The Promise I can't keep

This past Sunday, K3 was on the tail end of feeling under the weather. " Don't let me fall mommy," she whispers in my ear as I'm holding her in my arms while we are kneeling and standing during church. " I won't," I promise I say as my arms grew tired and I squeeze her a little tighter encouraging a little smile. " I'll never let you fall."

Her sleepy eyes and half crocked smile make tired arms worth every minute that passes. As Mass continues on and we continue to kneel and stand, I don't let her fall, keeping my promise.

I think about it on the way home, my promise, I'll never let you fall.

Even though I meant it, it's not entirely the whole truth. It's not a promise I can keep, not even a promise I should make. As much as I fight it the days are coming ( practically here with her big sister's and only a little ways away with her) when I'm going to have to break that promise. Let them try, all by themselves, let them take a risk and let them take a fall.

One day they will procrastinate and forget to get a homework assignment finished, and I'll have to let them face the consequences of getting a bad grade.

One day, they will try out for something, give it their all, put themselves out there. The list will be posted and their name won't be on that list. 

One day, they will give a piece of their heart to a boy, and come home with tear filled eyes and a broken heart,

One day, they will leave home for a life on their own, making their own choices- some right and some wrong.

I think about that as I slowly and quietly go into each of their rooms and check on them, Watching them dream. I want to keep them safe, safe in their beds, dreaming away, safe in our house, safe in my arms, safe from the world. I want to protect their hearts, minds, body and souls so they never get hurt. But I know I can't. 

As I kiss them good night, I rethink my thinking. My role. The gifts I want to give them in our few short precious years we have left of them being little.

The gift of knowing Everyone falls.

The gift of knowing that it's okay, maybe even good, to fall.

The gift of knowing that they need to fall, because falling is apart of taking a risk,of growing, loving and living.

The gift of knowing how to take a fall; how to fall in a way where they maybe hurt but never broken. 

The gift of knowing how to get back up after a fall. How to wipe away the tears, and hurt. How to stand once again after you have got the rug pulled from under you. How to stand up once more on shaky legs, take a deep breath and give it another shot.

The gift of not letting one fall or many falls define you, not wasting their falls but letting those falls make them stronger, braver, wiser and better.

Maybe the best promise I can make and should be making to my daughters is that if  they falls- when they falls- I'll be right there with them. Loving them, believing them, encouraging them and dusting them off so they can try again. I'm here for them now with kisses for their boo-boo's, band-aides for their ouchies and a shoulder for their sweet tears. As they get older I'll be there  with stories of my own falls, so they know they aren't the only one's who have fallen. At every stage, I'll be the one cheering the loudest when they pick themselves up and try again.

My new promise I whisper into their ear as they sleep soundly, "When you fall, you won't be alone."

 What defines us is how well we rise after we fall.

XO, Ladymvega

Saturday, September 10, 2016


Hello Lovelies, it's no secret that I LOVE to shop and I LOVE Fall. Put those two together and I am head over heels ( clever word play, I crack myself up) with Fall shoes. I love a good pair of ankle boots, wedges or sneakers to elevate my mom outfits. Shoes can make or break an outfit. 

Having a few of these must-haves in your closet is the easiest way to stay in trend this season. All you need is a variety of these gorgeous beauties to put your best foot forward.

In this post we are going to talk Booties, ( get your head out of the gutter) Fall boots & booties that is. So what kind of  boots will you need this fall and winter??

 Moto boots : from play dates to date nights, moto boots give you just the right amount of edge to your wardrobe. They go with leggings, jeans and skirts

Colored booties: Colored booties will add just enough POP of color to a simple fall or winter outfit. They pair perfectly with a pair of skinny cords and chunky sweater, they look perfect in a pumpkin patch or paired with a little black dress. Talk about Fall Chic!!

Wedged Boots/ Booties: Sometimes you just need comfortable yet fashionable boots. Wedge boots/booties will last ALL day without having to sacrifice style. They pair perfectly with plaid tops or puffy vest.

Riding Boots: These are the most commonly worn style of boots. From skinny jeans, leggings, skirts and dresses they go with it all. If you find yourself wanting that fashionable fall style but wedges or heeled shoes aren't your thing, these will be your light at the end of the tunnel. 

Here are a few of my favorite's in my closet...

These beauties are on the way to me as I type! I cant wait to wear them.

XO, Ladymvega 

Friday, September 2, 2016

Friday Favorites... Life Lately

Hello Lovelies... Happy Friday, if you see me today or this weekend and I'm extra happy it's for a few reasons. We have a three day weekend which means extra time with my peeps, which I LOVE! Plus the weather this morning and all weekend is suppose to be AMAZING! Last but not least its September, which means all things Fall & Pumpkin Spice for me. If you don't like fall or pumpkin spice I don't think we could be friends ( OK calm down, I'm just joking I still love you non Fall loving  pumpkin spice haters) Fall is one of my favorites times of the year, especially since moving to Arkansas, all the beautiful colors during this season is just another reminder of God's beautiful work. Since we are talking Fall, I started getting some our my Fall Decor out...

Our week started of rough, one of our dearest friends moved to Utah and it caused a lot of tears and heartache especially for K1. These three girls have been best friends for the last 8.5 years and had to say " See you later" to someone who was more like a sister then a friend.
friends who become family are one of life's greatest blessings.

Continuing with rough start I found myself battling a 3 day migraine. When they hit, I literally cant function. Peppermint tea although it didn't make the migraine go away it at least brought some comfort.

This stuff is the only thing that actually helped ease my migraine into a headache, which I can deal 

After the awful start of our week everything magically turned around!!! August 31st is one of our favorites days of the year, we get to celebrate our last Vega beauty, K3. Oh my goodness I almost forgot to share with you my mom fail. After having a migraine for 3 days, I got called into sub for a Prek class, my very first time EVER. Enough about that, with a migraine, subbing, cheer practices I forgot to buy sweet K3 her bday gifts!! I am usually ahead of the game when it comes to shopping but this time I was behind. One of our birthday traditions is we always have the girls wake up tp special birthday gifts from us. We also always decorate their bedroom door with streamer so that morning I was so exhausted from lack of sleep, Mr V went and woke up our sleeping beauty, video taped her busting through her streamer ( he knew I would be devastated missing that moment), she came into our room and woke me up excited to open up her special gifts. I looked at Mr. V and said oh gosh there isn't any gifts, I felt like the WORST mother EVER!! Mr. V being the amazing husband and father he is woke up at 5 am and went shopping, got her some special gifts, wrapped them and had them waiting on the table for her to open. Talk about being thankful for that man of mine. She never knew mommy had a huge mom fail and he will never know how much that meant to me. I thanked him a million times that day and all he said was, " that's what makes us a great team." 

Birthday cupcakes for her classmates to celebrate with her

She picked out her Matilda Jane dress and ruffle pants as her special birthday outfit

Silly faces are her favorite, mine too. I just love her so much

On their birthday mornings they get to pick out whatever they want to eat, she wanted Pigs in a blanket from The Doughnut Place, easy enough. (K2 was in mid chew)

Birthday crowns from school are the best. Living in a same town has its perks, we went to the Post Office and the sweet mail lady gave her candy and a nice older man gave her $5, she was so excited.
Hard to believe this sweet baby is already 6 years old. I have loved every moment of being this sweet and sassy girls mom.

We had a small birthday party filled with some of our favorite people. Her favorite part of her parties is when everyone sings her Happy Birthday.

K3 started dance this week, something about her in tu-tus and big bows makes this, momma's heart smile. she was to excited to get to the dance studio for pictures.
Thanks to my sweet friend Katie for snapping this adorable photo. I always feel like I am running around like a mad woman during my girls parties, anyone else feel like this??

This will be me with the cooler weather we are suppose to have today and this weekend. 

Happy Friday and almost weekend lovelies, I hope you all have a fabulous long weekend planned.
XO, Ladymvega

Monday, August 22, 2016

Do YOU Ever...???

Do you ever find yourself struggling with the questions of what could have been or what will the future hold? I'm sure I'm not alone in those thoughts!
We tend to focus on our past mistakes and dwell on the thoughts of: Am I good enough? Am I worthy enough? What could I have done differently? And if I fixed that one single thing, would the result have been better?
We find ourselves fighting our inner thoughts and we don't live in the present. We need to remember we can't change the past but we can live in the moment because sometimes I focus so much on the future that sometimes I don't slow down enough and enjoy the small milestones in my life.
We need to start asking ourselves... " What am I doing today to live in the moment- seize what today has brought my way- and do the best I can with what life has given me?" As I strive to answer this question myself, I'm sharing some tools I've learned to incorporate to help me live more in the present.

  • Be determined to live in the now
  • Don't judge yourself
  • Focus on what's right in front of you
  • Work hard and play hard
  • Stop making excuses
I'd love to hear from you,What tips do you have that you use to live more in the present and enjoy your life more???

XO, Ladymvega

Saturday, August 20, 2016

HI HO HI HO, It's back to school we GO.....


                                                        We started school last Monday.

                                                                          Boo. Hoo.

To be honest with you I am a little sad that our Summer break is officially over and I am trying to push my sadness away that I am now a mom of a fifth grader, third grader and kindergartner. If you cant beat'em join'em right? My girls were totally pumped about starting school, especially after they meet their teachers and seen their classroom's. so even though we're sad to see summer go, we're
very optimistic and enthusiastic about this school year. Which leads us to today's post.......

                                                              BACK TO SCHOOL

 These two sweet girls started 3rd grade and 5th grade. I still can't wrap my mind around the fact that, my sweet girl is in her last year of elementary school. K2 was so excited and nervous about starting a new school.
Mr V and I always walk our beauties into their school , down the hallways and into their classrooms. They haven't reached the age of being to "grown" for that and to be honest if and when they do, Guess WHAT??? We are still going to walk them into their school, down the hallway and into their classrooms.
     Daddy " Hold my hand, I'm so nervous" 

Day 2:
Less Nerves and so much more excitement
K3 FINALLY got to start school on Wednesday and she couldn't contain her excitement. 

 Even though she was smiling ear to ear and she was bursting at the seams with excitement her grip grew tighter and tighter as we walked into school.
I still cant believe my baby is in Kindergarten!!
These beauties finished their first week of school and had a blast, everyday I pick them up after school and they are talking a million miles an hour about their day, ( its my favorite part of the day). I love how excited they are to share every detail of their day with me. I pray that they continue to have this excitement and passion for school. I am happy they enjoyed their first week but HELLO weekend. time spent with my favorite people. The rain has been non-stop here, coffee, pj's and cuddling on the couch is on my to do list. 

Happy Weekends, Lovelies 
XO, Ladymvega

Monday, July 18, 2016


- Blessed is the man who remains steadfast under trail, for when he has stood the test he will receive
- the crown of life,
- which God  has promised to those who love him.     James 1:12

Whatever the trail, I urge you to keep pushing through. The light on the other side is there waiting for you .This weekend we actually were able to take some time to rest- that sounds like banana business I'm sure, but seriously- it was fantastic. We have been trying to have " family" clean up time everyday during the week so no one is left  doing chores all weekend. It also helps that every afternoon or evening we have a 4 song dance party pick up. We pick 4 songs, blast the volume and we all clean up till the music stops. When you have kids home- you know how messy  
things can get. The dance party has saved my sanity!

Sometimes resting is the most spiritual thing you can do. Calming yourself, calming your spirit and just finding peace. I promise, in the midst of chaos, when it seems like there is nothing else, make time to rest. When we are exhausted, we are vulnerable, moody, uncreative and unproductive. Those are not necessarily quality traits I'd like to keep in my back pocket. So, while you're on your 5th cup of coffee this evening or 5th glass of wine ( no judgement here), start thinking ahead now, baby steps, to what you can do to find rest for yourself and for your loved ones this week.

XO, Ladymvega

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Dear Self...

Dear Self
My pen has barely hit the paper and I'm already in tears. Knowing that writing this letter will put you in one of those vulnerable states that you dislike so much. Sometimes your stricken with so much emotion and second guessing your abilities as a mother, that I hurt for you. I know you better then anyone, but yet still, you many times don't even believe me, you, when I say " you're doing a great job." Motherhood wasn't meant for the faint of hearts. Being a mother is hard. Being a mother is exhausting. Being a mother is many times unfair, BUT, being a mother is wonderful!! Being a mother is rewarding beyond any and all measures!! Being a mother is something that not anything could ever compare to! Being a mother is such an incredible blessing and has helped created the woman you are, we are, today.

You often choose to say no because you always fear the worst, you let your anxiety take over more days then not. I see you fighting your anxiety daily and some days its too overwhelming and you become someone that you're not. You shelter your children. And thought you do it out of love, you are ultimately depriving them. As they get older, you must learn to be confident in the way you've raised them. Having faith that they will make the right decisions. You have to realize that they may not always make good decisions, and that their bad decisions are not a way a reflection of a mother you were, you are.
Worry less and play more. Do not let the fear of something, bad happening to your children prevent you from embracing life's adventures with your children. Stop trying to control every moment and just let the moments control themselves. Pray, have faith, and take chances, knowing that your children are protected by someone greater than yourself. There will come a time when you will read this letter, and I'm sure you will break down. There will be tears, and there very well be some regret. But, with the regret there will be joy, oh sweet momma there will be so much joy. Joy in being able to see how far you've come into your journey. Joy in being able to see that yes, you were in fact a wonderful mother who at times made mistakes, but ALWAYS loved. It is my hope, my prayer, that you continue to embrace this journey we are on. I pray that you remember all the good memories that you've provided for your children. Always know that no one can be a better mother to those Vega Beauties than you. And most importantly, remember that we are in this together. Never give up on yourself. Never give up on us.
A Part of You

Monday, July 11, 2016

Just "Be" and Don't Do

Hello Lovelies and Happy Monday, I don't know about you, but I like to accomplish tasks through out my day. I struggle with "doing" everything I want to do in one day, there never seems to be enough time in a day. It was a lot easier during the school year, all three Vega Beauties were in school and I had a house keeper. Summer break is in full force here at Casa De Vega which means my house is filled with lots of laughter, giggling, jumping with three girls who are non stop and filled with a lot of energy. During summer break we don't use a house keeper, were are trying to show the girls "real" life lessons during the summer since I have more time with them: how to clean their bedrooms, bathrooms, how to do their laundry, cook and little household tasks.

I am striving to simplify my life ( this is a constant action), do what God has planned for my life and enjoy each moment. I get distracted, I get caught up in the American rat race and get sucked into the quick instant now of everything... and I detest that. Even with trying to simplify my life, I find myself trying to fill my days with tasks..yes good task that need to be done.. house cleaning, laundry, dishes, cooking, organizing, errands, etc. I find myself getting frustrated when I cant complete a task on my list at the time I want it completed.

Anxiety starts to creep up and I get stressed. I love my life and being able to spend every moment with my daughters. I need to start letting go. In a peaceful moment ( literally 10 minutes of alone time) I prayed and " just be, don't do" literally popped into my head. At that moment it felt like a huge weight was lifted off my shoulders, as those were the exact words I needed to be placed on my heart. Since that moment I changed little things in my day-to-day life. I stopped rushing. I have focused on spending more quality time with my girls and have seen that I can still get my weekly needed tasks done.

Be present, first and foremost. I am going to strive to be present in every second of life. When I am with family, actually BE with my family, no distractions- phones, Instagram, Facebook, etc. This is one area I am most desirable to actively pursue. I don't want to miss a minute of these sweet Vega beauties life's, simply because I wasn't living in the present moment. I can't even stand how fast time has already gone, I certainly cant miss a moment.
I am going to BE me! BE myself, BE who I want to BE just like that!
I love the thought of the millions of avenues this one word will be able to open.
It can apply to every aspect of my life.
I feel such an inspiring sense of excitement and motivation.
I know it wont be easy, but I will strive every moment just to BE!!

What about you? Are you allowing Jesus to lead your life? Or are you allowing distractions to lead your life? I encourage you to take a step back and evaluate your life and tasks and pray for peace, faith and be open as God leads you to the life He has planned for YOU. He will lead you down the road to BE the best you He created you to BE!!
                                                                                       XO, Ladymvega

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Weekend Edition: Frisco, Texas

Happy Wednesday, lovelies! This weekend was a great one!
Our adventure started off with an exciting bang that set the tone for our whole three day weekend.. Mr. V surprised us with a weekend getaway, to Frisco, Texas,( I love the Dallas/Plano/Frisco area it's one of my favorite places to go).
Bright & Early at 5:00 am was our wake up call.  We packed up and hit the road with smiles on our faces and the excitement of not knowing where we were heading or what we were going to do when we got there.
I've been wanting to stay in the Embassy Suites in Frisco Texas but every time we go to book our stay they are always booked. so imagine my excitement when we pulled up and Mr. V said he booked us a room for the three day weekend!! We have been honorary Hilton members before we had kids so we always stay with The Hilton chain. Embassy Suites is our favorite, how can you go wrong with complimentary " Happy Hour and refreshment's" plus a complimentary cooked to order breakfast! 
The Frisco Embassy Suites has a relaxing Botanical Spa inside, just what every momma needs a little R&R

I got a little ahead of myself ( I was daydreaming of "happy hour" and spa days) before we arrived at our home away from home, we made a little visit to the Dallas Zoo.

We love the Zoo, it's one of our favorite things to do as a family. We started our traditional Zoo visits when K1 was just a few months old, and we have continued it with each one of our Vega beauties. Little tradtions as well as big traditions are important to our family.
Here are a few of our favorite pictures we took this weekend..

I'm not sure who was more adorable cooling off, Mr. V or the Elephant?? 

I love My Tribe.

The view from our Balcony, Dr Pepper Ball field. 
Time for dinner with my favorite people. 
K2 just couldn't hang with us, apparently we party to hard and long( it was only 7:30 pm).

Mr. V kept the surprise factor going so we never knew where we were going or what we were doing. 
Day 2: Hawaiian Falls: The Colony.
Lets just say we had a car full of overly excited girls when they found out we were going to their first water park. I know someone of you are saying, What?? their first water park? I have major water anxiety issues, that go way back to my childhood, but I'm not a party pooper! 
If you are ever in this area make sure you go check it out, we had a BLAST!! The weather that day was perfect sunny with a slight breeze. of course everyone is on summer break so yes it was crowded but it wasn't bad the lines weren't long and it wasn't that uncomfortable body to body, your touching me crowded.
We had an unbelievable experience and meet Darren Mcfadden and his family. Just for those who don't know, Darren Mcfadden is a Dallas Cowboy Running back, former player of The Oakland Raiders and former Razorback Hog, WPS!! We have lived in Arkansas for close to 9 years so being a Hog Fan kind of goes hand in hand. So anyone is Arkansas can share the excitement and love we we're feeling. I was talking to his wife ( I had no idea who she was at the time), Mr. V said "do you know who that is," ummm no. He explained that she was Darren Mcfadden's wife. I was blown away. We continued to talk with them, our kids played at the water park and to my surprise they were completely normal down to earth people. No security, no look at me I'm famous just another couple tasking their kids to the water park. No, I don't have any pictures we took the two pictures up top as soon as we got there I out my phone in the locker and enjoyed every moment "being" in the moment verses my usual have to capture every moment and post it. I'm working on "being" lately, but that's for another day another post. No pictures only the cool memories of hanging out with him and his family at the water park.

Family time is very important to us. Here are a few pictures of our little weekend getaway.. 

Taking decent pictures of all 5 of us always seems like a stretch (K2's smile) 
and another one, K1's smile 
Mr. V and I are probably not your best example on always taking great pictures, maybe its a family thing?? 

However you spent the 4th of July weekend, I hope you were surround by family, friends, good food, lots of laughter but most importantly remembered and gave thanks for the reason we are able to celebrate
 Thank you to all those brave men and women. 
xo Lady M Vega