Wednesday, April 20, 2016

GT and The Little Red Hen

Happy Wednesday Lovelies. We made it to that half way mark!! This week has been an eventful week and were only on Wednesday. Monday started out with Makayla's GT(Gifted & Talented) night where the students presented their latest project boards. Makayla chose to do her board on Martin Lither King Jr VS Ruby Bridges, two important people in History.
Makayla loves her GT program, and quite frankly Mr V and I love it too. Being part of GT has given Makayla the chance to participate in numerous Quiz Bowls are the State along with Geography Bowls. Makayla and her team have came in 1st place all their Quiz Bowls. She has also had numerous projects she has worked on through the year, they have been blessed with an amazing GT teacher, we're very thankful. Mr V and I are always very proud of our girls, we always tell them its not about winning or even getting the best grades but trying your nest at the end of the day as long as you know you tried your hardest then that's all that's matters.
Our Prek Vega Beauty, Makinnley had her very first debut in a play yesterday. Her prek class put on their own production of The Little Red Hen. It was the BEST Little Red Hen play EVER ( I maybe being a little bias) Makinnleys teacher did amazing job on making sure every student had a part and lines to say.
Makinnley was excited to play the role of the kitty cat in her play. Who doesn't love cats and she had her very own mask and mirror, what else could she ask for, right?
Plus its a win won when you and your nest friend both get to be kitty cats in the play. These two are two peas in a pod. We just love them.
Makinnley and her class made all the props and painted them. When she got home she insisted on keeping the ask on and looking into her mirror. Cutest kitty I've ever seen if you ask me.
I was star struck that this famous actress let me get a picture with her, literally shocked she kept running from me saying mom you have to catch me like a would kitty k mom k. Oh this child of mine sure knows how to melt this mommas heart 
Happy Wednesday Lovelies. Xo Ladymvega 

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