Monday, April 18, 2016

Spring flower's, ice cream and winter coats

Hi lovelies I hope your weekend was everything you hoped for. This weekend Mr V suggested we stay and be home bodies, sweeter words were never spoken. I love going places and doing things but sometimes I need a whole lot of nothing. So PJs, cozy socks and hot coffee were my weekend go too.
We started off our Friday evening with our family tradition of mommy/daughter date night. My Vega beauties choose the activity and dinner. This Friday the wanted frozen pizza and the new chipmunk movie.
A win win for this momma, little to no cooking and no dishes!! Mommy/daughter date night is something I hold very near and dear to my heart. My mom and I have a very close relationship, I couldn't imagine not having one with each one of my beauties. Plus who doesn't love a little girl time right?                                              The weather here in Arkansas was over cast and light rain all weekend but that didn't keep us inside. My Vega Beauties and I played outside and planted Spring flowers. We love Flowers, unfortunately I'm not gifted with a green thumb, but I'm getting better.

The gloomy weather wasn't going to stop us from having some fun together. We grabbed our jackets and played ball and enjoyed the fresh air. There is something about fresh rain and freshly cut grass that I love!
Of course we had to have ice cream. Yes we were chilly due to the gloomy weather and rain but we just threw on our winter coat, Christmas socks and sandals and ate our ice cream without a care in the world.
We finished off our weekend with Vega Family movie night, we watched Space Jam a classic family movie. Silly Makayla got a bright idea and stuck a suction cup toy to the middle of her forehead and it left a huge bright red mark right in the middle of her head!! Yes, she will be going to school come Monday morning mark or no mark. Makinnley played mommy while Mr V sat with me and helped me work up my blog ( don't know what I'd do without him). We ate one of our favorite dishes Green Enchiladas ( we used ground turkey instead of chicken, we're doing iifym). My sweet Vega beauties: Makayla, Makenzie and Makinnley went to my parents house (Nana and Papu) while me and Mr V went to the gym for our Sunday gym sesh!! 

I hope your weekend was lovely and I hope your week is even better. Xo Ladvega 

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