Monday, April 25, 2016

Weekend Edition: BBQ, Guns and Church

Happy Monday Lovelies, have you ever had one of those days or weekends where everything just feel into place, just all around perfection? Well we had one of those weekends and I'm hoping it will continue to roll over into our week.
                                My Friday usually sets the tone for my weekend. This past Friday was Earth Day so what better way to show my love for our precious Earth then spending it getting a little fresh air and admiring the gorgeous back yard God has created for me here in Arkansas! I usually meet up with my friend Christi and we walk once or twice a week on some local trails. What's better then girl talk, exercising and this gorgeous view! 
Mr V and our Vega Beauties had our weekend already figured out when I got out of bed Saturday Morning. So I drank my coffee that Mr V always makes Saturday morning's ( he really is something special, its the little things ) and listened to our plans.
We hit the store for some yummy food to BBQ and of course it was all sunshine and smiles!! Love these girls!!
 Let the BBQ begin, as you can see our Vega Beauties are infatuated with their daddy. I can't blame them because so am I!

                               Our food menu this weekend was simple this weekend, yet filled with so much flavor. It doesn't take a lot to serve up a good meal. 
 Now you cant have a BBQ without guns, or can you? Maybe its a Southern thing because back home in California we had plenty of BBQ's without them.

   We ALWAYS go over gun safety with our Vega Beauties before we shoot or guns. A daddy with three Beauties of course we own guns!!

 Football, a water fight and hopscotch was on our agenda.

 Makinnley cheated during the water fight and had daddy fill her up a gallon jug to dump on her sister's while they had little water guns.

                                                 My peeps are my Favorite and Casa De Vega is our happy place.
                                                 Vega Beauties after Mass on Sunday.

                                                 How I LOVE these people. We had a bit of a bow mishap, sweet Makinnley's bow just wouldn't hold up but she wanted to wear her big purple bow so wear she did.                                                                                  

     These are the pictures I got when I told Mr V to smile. He is a total goofball, one of the billion trillion reasons I love him, he has always made me laugh. I'm glad he is only serious when it matters. Life without laughter wouldn't be much of a life.

 Mr V and I had our gym date on Sunday. I love working out with him sharing another thing we are passionate about just makes us that much closer.
                                                  My weekend was filled with a lot of front porch sitting, mason jar drinking, laughing till I cried, praising Jesus,  a family making memories kind of weekend. I hope you're weekend and week is filled with lots of good things xo Ladymvega

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