Sunday, June 5, 2016

Oklahoma City ~OKC ~ Bricktown ~

Hello Lovelies. Have you ever been to OKC (Oklahoma City)? It's one of  our favorite places to visit. Its about a 4 hour drive from where we live so it makes a great little weekend getaway. Mr V and I went spent the beginning of our Memorial Weekend out there, a little husband and wife trip. Every married couple needs those once in a while and if you have kids you need them a little more often, right?                                                We are HUGE basketball fans and growing up in Los Angeles, we are Die Hard Laker fans, our friends Matt and Katie are OKC Thunder and Warrior fans so we all had plans to go out there and watch game 6 of The NBA Western Finals OKC vs Warriors. Unfortunately Matt and Katie were unable to make the trip with us, so I borrowed Katie's Warrior's shirt and bracelet and we hit the road.

                                                  As soon as we arrived at our hotel everything and everyone was representing their OKC Thunder, we always stay with the Hilton chain and our home away from home is Embassy Suites, I mean who doesn't love their FREE refreshments and happy hour or as my girls call it " happy time." 
                                                           Embassy Suites Medical Center had their Thunder Flags flying high and with pride 

                                              Every staff member was rocking a Thunder shirt and the environment was filled with so much excitement and anticipation of the upcoming game. 
A little contouring before my dinner date with Mr V. 
A delish salad and LOTS of lemon water before the game and a night out on the town. 

My handsome forever date 
                                              These boys were staying in our hotel and asked why we were in town we told me them we drove in to see Game 6 and they were in awe, they said they wanted to go to the game but it was sold out. We seen them a few different times and this time they came up to me and asked me to take their picture as I asked for their camera they said no with your phone take a selfie and we will pose in the background. Sounded like a plan to me, so here is the result to their plan I showed the picture and they said " Best selfie of the year".  
Hopped into our cab and heard to the game. I so excited to get there the hotel was such an exciting environment I couldn't wait to see what the arena was going to be like. 
The moment we stepped out the cab you could feel the music in your chest. It was loud and and powerful. There was hundreds of people everything you looked. 
Live music, food, beer, clothing vendors filled both sides of the street.   
This cool cat must have been a regular it seemed like everyone knew who he was. He saw Mr V and I and asked for a picture with us after he got our pic I had to get one with my camera. How could I pass it up, look at his snazzy outfit?  
 News crews lined the street video taping the crowd outside and as we went inside. When channel 8 mews stopped is and asked for a picture and to video tape us we say OF COURSE, we were all in, when in Rome right?? 
When in Rome, Thunder shirt on.  
Drinks in hand and ready to cheer loudly. 
Remember in the beginning of this blog I said our friends Matt and Katie couldn't make it, well Katie being the great wife she is stayed behind and handled their prior obligations while Matt and their son Bryant came to the game ( this is Matt, just in case I didn't make that clear). 
This cutie is Bryant who made his momma proud rocking his Curry jersey.  
I was so happy when Mr V showed up in my drink line with these relish nachos. 
This picture was right after I seen the nachos and asked for a bite and there was NONE left. He didn't even save me the cheese on the container.  
Favorite part of the Thunder game board... 

The game didn't end the way OKC Fans were hoping bit that didn't put a damper on our evening. We hopped into our cab and headed  to the BEST place in Bricktown, The Dollhouse. 
Dollhouse is a Burlesque Club and is the place to be on a Friday or Saturday night. Its a who's who kinda place to be. 
I'm blessed to have gotten to know and become friends with the owner and the Dolls. Mr V and I got in as VIPs and had the best time.  
Dancing and drinking causes drinks to be spilt on your shirt. Remember when I told you The Dollhouse is the who's who place to be. Take a look below and you'll see what I mean...
Yes that's Selena Gomez 
Mark Cubin 
Mark Cubin and the hilarious Amy Schumer

Lady M Vega couldn't leave myslef out, lol.
This man here needs NO introduction!! If JT says its the ONLY place to be then tale his word and make sure next time your in OKC you stop in. Ask for Kaylee or Misty, tell them Lady M Vega sent you and you'll be in good hands.
Dancing all night makes us very hangry lucky us there is an IHOP right down from the club. Pancakes at 2:30 am are Delish! 
These adorable heels worn for over 10 hours walking, running, jumping, dancing and drinking .... Cause this...
Yup a severely sprained ankle  
For the next couple weeks I had to trade my stilettos for this fancy walking boot. It was definitely worth it. Mr V and I had a blast. Bricktown you have a special place in my heart, till next time.   
 Cheers xo,Lady M Vega