Monday, August 22, 2016

Do YOU Ever...???

Do you ever find yourself struggling with the questions of what could have been or what will the future hold? I'm sure I'm not alone in those thoughts!
We tend to focus on our past mistakes and dwell on the thoughts of: Am I good enough? Am I worthy enough? What could I have done differently? And if I fixed that one single thing, would the result have been better?
We find ourselves fighting our inner thoughts and we don't live in the present. We need to remember we can't change the past but we can live in the moment because sometimes I focus so much on the future that sometimes I don't slow down enough and enjoy the small milestones in my life.
We need to start asking ourselves... " What am I doing today to live in the moment- seize what today has brought my way- and do the best I can with what life has given me?" As I strive to answer this question myself, I'm sharing some tools I've learned to incorporate to help me live more in the present.

  • Be determined to live in the now
  • Don't judge yourself
  • Focus on what's right in front of you
  • Work hard and play hard
  • Stop making excuses
I'd love to hear from you,What tips do you have that you use to live more in the present and enjoy your life more???

XO, Ladymvega

Saturday, August 20, 2016

HI HO HI HO, It's back to school we GO.....


                                                        We started school last Monday.

                                                                          Boo. Hoo.

To be honest with you I am a little sad that our Summer break is officially over and I am trying to push my sadness away that I am now a mom of a fifth grader, third grader and kindergartner. If you cant beat'em join'em right? My girls were totally pumped about starting school, especially after they meet their teachers and seen their classroom's. so even though we're sad to see summer go, we're
very optimistic and enthusiastic about this school year. Which leads us to today's post.......

                                                              BACK TO SCHOOL

 These two sweet girls started 3rd grade and 5th grade. I still can't wrap my mind around the fact that, my sweet girl is in her last year of elementary school. K2 was so excited and nervous about starting a new school.
Mr V and I always walk our beauties into their school , down the hallways and into their classrooms. They haven't reached the age of being to "grown" for that and to be honest if and when they do, Guess WHAT??? We are still going to walk them into their school, down the hallway and into their classrooms.
     Daddy " Hold my hand, I'm so nervous" 

Day 2:
Less Nerves and so much more excitement
K3 FINALLY got to start school on Wednesday and she couldn't contain her excitement. 

 Even though she was smiling ear to ear and she was bursting at the seams with excitement her grip grew tighter and tighter as we walked into school.
I still cant believe my baby is in Kindergarten!!
These beauties finished their first week of school and had a blast, everyday I pick them up after school and they are talking a million miles an hour about their day, ( its my favorite part of the day). I love how excited they are to share every detail of their day with me. I pray that they continue to have this excitement and passion for school. I am happy they enjoyed their first week but HELLO weekend. time spent with my favorite people. The rain has been non-stop here, coffee, pj's and cuddling on the couch is on my to do list. 

Happy Weekends, Lovelies 
XO, Ladymvega