Monday, January 30, 2017


     If you're anything like me, a big nerd, these were the words going through your head as you read my post title! "Taking it back old school, cause I'm an old fool, that's so cool." Am I right? If not you're singing it now! 

I have been wanting a pair of Nike Cortez shoes for a while now. I couldn't find them in stores and when I did find them they were always the wrong size. You're probably asking yourself, Why, what's the deal with these shoes? Well, it's a short and simple reason. They remind me of when Mr. V and I started dating, which will be 19 years this upcoming March. I remember Mr. V had a pair like the one's above and I just LOVED them then and still do!

Mr. V being the amazing husband he is, searched high and low and finally found me a pair. EEKK!!

I was so excited when I got them and couldn't wait to put them on. Instantly many memories flooded my mind of dating Mr. V. Isn't it funny how something like a pair of shoes can bring back so many memories?

One of my favorite thing's, I love to match Mr. V. Not in the way of wearing his boxers and shirt's but in a cute way, like the same kind of shoes. 

Lately while shopping I find myself buying pieces that will be versatile to my wardrobe. Who would have thought a shoe that was created in 1972, as the first official track shoe by an Olympic Coach would still be such a staple in today's fashion. 45 years later and still going strong!

Just remember Lovelies when your shopping,
shop for items that you LOVE and items that will be a staple in your wardrobe.

"Style is very personal. It has NOTHING to do with fashion. Fashion is over quickly. Style is forever." - Ralph Lauren


Saturday, January 28, 2017


Saturday Vibes...

Every woman deserves a man who makes her breakfast in bed.

# Saturdayvibes. 

Enjoy your weekend, lovelies.


Monday, January 23, 2017

Weekend Recap- Faith, Family &Friends

Happy Monday, Lovelies!!!
This weekend was a great weekend. Great weekends have been becoming a trend at Casa De Vega lately. 
Saturday morning started off with Mr V watching our beauties so I could sleep in- which was greatly appreciated. I woke up to these three silly girls.
How I love these three goofballs :)

The rest of our morning was very low key. Silly girls, lots of giggles, some movie watching and lots of eating.

Saturday evening, Our Parish was celebrating their 130 anniversary and the Feast Day of St. Agnes. Talking about exciting event, 130 years this amazing little parish has been spreading the love of Jesus Christ and the Catholic Faith. Bishop Anthony Taylor came in from Little Rock to bless our new Parish Hall and to celebrate Mass. 

St. Agnes
All ready to head to Mass and the dinner to celebrate St Agnes feast day as well as the new parish hall building. This was our first time to meet a Bishop, ( we are currently converting to the Catholic Faith) and we were all so excited.

K2's smile explains the excitement
Of course K3 ALWAYS wants a picture solo :)

I could take pictures of her all day

You know I had to snap one of myself;)

This leopard blazer is a staple in my closet,
it's a versatile piece.😍😍
You know I couldn't forget a picture of me with the love of my life!!
He makes a good piece of
arm candy ;)
Saturday evening was filled with church, friends, laughter and great food- what else does a girl need??

Kaylon is my RCIA sponsor,
( I'll explain what all that is at another time).
Just know that this woman here is
such an important woman in my life. 

Her friendship, love, support, encouragement,
and direction is priceless.

Two people who mean the world
to me

mustache contest

her mustache fit her lip perfectly
it was so funny and adorable

apparently this is the "in" face 

Sunday was filled with rain and getting ready for the upcoming week. I went solo to the market while Mr V had the girls clean up their rooms and finish their laundry, that man is a keeper!
solo grocery shopping is the
way to go- I got everything on my


my fave jeans right now 

lace up studded flats! super cute but not
made for rain


hair brought to you by dry shampoo

I hope your weekend was a great one. My weekends have a way of setting the tone for the upcoming week, I hope yours was a blast and relaxing all at the same time, Till next time.
Happy Monday Lovelies!!!


Friday, January 20, 2017


Friday's are ALWAYS one of my favorite days of the week!! Are their any of you lovelies that share my excitement for Fri-YAY's?? My friend, Andrea WWW.MOMFESSIONALS.COM and a few of her girlfriends always do a Friday Favorite's and I thought I'd join the fun. So grab your drink of choice a cozy blanket and enjoy a little glimpse inside my week's favs !!

A little Valentine's Day decor for our Monthly table we picked up at Target

our monthly table
sweet treats.


The Holy Family.
Who's a better example at unconditional love?

Mr. V bought these for me. the picture doesn't do them justice.

This week I only had to work ( substitute) once this week, I took full advantage and made myself a hair appointment.



On Tuesday's and Thursday's we spend an hour at Jujitsu watching K2 and cheering her on. Let me tell you that little girl is FIERCE! She has only been taking the class for two weeks and she is picking up the technique quick. I'm one proud momma.

practicing her guillotine

one more because I'm so proud of her

K3 brought her journal with her to jujitsu. 

K1 talked my ear off about every little detail that happened in her day. I hope she always shares her details with me.

Arkansas weather has been unusually warm for this time of year. We have had cloudy, warm and rainy days this week. My go to style this week has been very low key casual.

Jeans, wedged ankle booties, bomber jacket and a cotton t-shirt 

These black wooden earrings are my FAV right now. They are extremely light and go with everything. You can find them at Forever 21 

My reaction exactly especially since the next two days will be spent with my tribe!

Have a Fabulous Friday and weekend, lovelies.


Thursday, January 19, 2017


Back to Black...
Black hair that is.
Isn't it amazing how a simple change of hair color and some layers can make you feel recharged?? Thank Goodness for great hairdressers!
Oct 2016  I went lighter. I blame all the pumpkin spice lattes

all natural curl( my lions mane) with medium brown hair

a few honey and caramel highlights

top knot 

messy bun

blurry pic with honey and caramel highlights

The day before I went back to black ( yesterday) 

look at that shine!!

healthy and soft

black  hair makes my hazel eyes lighter

we added layers
back to black

Hair trends just like fashions trends are always changing and not every trend its meant for EVERYONE!! Make sure when you are choosing a hair color, cut or style you don't get caught up in what's supposedly all "The Rage" right now. Take you're time, do your homework, go to Pinterest, google find a great hairdresser, trust me it makes a WORLD of a difference!!  Find what works for YOU and rock it. Please feel free to share your current hairstyle's and color, you never know it just might be the hair inspiration someone else needs right now.  Happy Thursday lovelies.