Monday, January 16, 2017

Cheers to the weekend: Low key edition

The last few weekends have consisted of three day weekends, which you will NOT here any complaints out of this momma. This three day weekend we didn't have huge plans but we were still very excited about the low key plans we did have.

Friday night we had our good friends The Thomas's over for dinner. Matt and Katie have three kids as well-each of our kiddos usually pair up with their buddy and play for hours together. As we waited on our friends to come over we played outside and cooked dinner. I have some real good helpers in the kitchen these days so I take full advantage of the help.
waiting for our friends to arrive

K2 cooked the sauce for our dinner party
K1 caught eating the cheese instead of filling the dish
K3 making the dished for our strawberry short cake desserts

As soon as our friends arrived we greeted everyone with excitement and we dug in and ate our weight in Frito pie, strawberry short cake and some amazing smoked sausages that Matt had made. Our kids filled the house up with lots of giggling, running and playing. Mr V and Matt hung out and did whatever guys do. As for Katie and myself we did what good girlfriends: we ate more, drank and got caught up on The Bachelor together. 
Having The Thomas's over was the perfect way to spend our Friday night.

Lately we have been on a mission to simplify, organize, and do a few updated at Casa De Vega- on that note we headed to Fort Smith to do a little shopping at Sam's Club and Lowe's.

Black and white stripped bodysuit- is one of my favorite items in my closet right now

Sunday we changed all our light bulbs in the house, a simple and easy thing to do but let me tell you it makes a HUGE change. when Mr. V turned on all the light in our casa after he changed all the light bulbs it felt like God said " Let there be light" and tada Casa De Vega was bright- easy as pie. While in Fort Smith we found and bought this statue of Saint Francis of Assisi and K3 absolutely LOVES him. She thanked him for all he does and even wrote him a little note, how sweet is that?
Saint Francis of Assisi, Patron Saint of animals, the environment ,etc
 we practiced home row for her computer class, doesn't she look so grown up? 

Today we are enjoying our last day of our three day weekend. it has been filled with lots of little low key things but it was exactly what we needed this weekend. friends, organizing and family time. I hope your weekend was exactly what you needed as well. Till next time lovelies. 

Simply Vega


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