Thursday, January 5, 2017

Let me reintroduce myself...

I've been MIA on the blog front recently. I've had so much going on that I'm not even sorry.  My head and life has been filled with so much stuff that blogging took a back seat- and that's okay because sometimes you just need a break. I have literally disconnected with all social media the last few months took that time and energy to focus on myself. Life lately has consisted of working, mom life, church and being an awesome wife ( not to toot my own horn.. lol). 

Many things have changed in my life these last few months and I feel like a new and improved version of myself, hence the title.." Let me reintroduce myself ". As I move forward in my life, I plan to blog and share the changes that have already taken place and all the new chapters that I will face. New blog, new blog name and a new outlook on life. I hope you like it and stay on this adventure I call life- here's to a fresh start and New Year. Cheers to 2017 lovelies 

XO, Malani 


  1. Welcome back!

    Lena -

    1. Thank you doll, its good to be blogging again XO