Tuesday, January 17, 2017


Some will say that social media is only good for drama and comparisons. Some will say that they escape to social media to live through someones life. Some will say it's a place for people to show off their perfect life ( which we know no one has, lol). Some will say it's a platform for honesty while others hide behind a screen name because they don't want to get shamed. Some will make it what they want. 

Social Media is that: what YOU want it to  be.

I have connected with many sweet women, some are mom's who are going through the same milestone as I am at the same time. I've made lasting relationships with many of them. I haven't had the chance to meet with all of them in person yet but none the less we offer one another support and encouragement. They inspire me daily, pray for me and my family and I do the same. All this because of social media.

I have sold lots of things and have even bought more things then I have probably sold. I admired those who say exactly what they feel without worrying what others may think or say back to you. I have over shared pictures of myself, kids, and life. I have re posted things that are relevant to me. I have commented, liked, disliked, loved and rolled my emoji eyes at many post. 

I've been part of groups larger then myself, and have created groups. I have started my blog and closet page. I've written blog posts and shared them. I have made some money and I have called  my own phone from my laptop to find it. I have referred to social media in real life, like I know everyone on there personally. I have lost track of time more then I like to admit.

I've grown. I've learn. I've cared too much about what people thought. I have seen grown adults  being bullies, heartbreaks, relationships ruined, sad news, happy news, marriages, new babies, everything from one end of life to the other on social media.

After many countless hours on different social media outlets, I've decided to close my Facebook account and Instagram and keep my blog. As much as I LOVE the women I have come to know especially on my IG .Social media just took too much of my time and way to much effort. I know it's not like that for everyone but I'm talking about myself personally. The women I that really have really impacted my life I still try my best to stay in contact with, it's just not through social media anymore. We have shared many post, direct messages, text messages and prayers. We have shared everyday life, mom life, religion, marriage, goals, dreams, failures and all kinds of other stories with one another. I love the idea of still keeping my blog because to be frank I LOVE sharing my life but at the same time I now love to keep somethings exactly where they should be- in my heart and in my memories. I write my blog mainly for myself and also for my girls, hopefully one day they will look back on it and get a deeper look into my/our life.

Social media is here to stay, so let's make sure if we are using it, we are being kind, make sure  we are using it as a tool not as a crutch. Take the good and leave the bad. Social media is a filter into some one's life but it isn't always reality, make sure you connect with people outside these apps and don't compare your life with someones social media feed. Social media doesn't define who you are lovelies remember that.

Simply Vega

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