Monday, January 30, 2017


     If you're anything like me, a big nerd, these were the words going through your head as you read my post title! "Taking it back old school, cause I'm an old fool, that's so cool." Am I right? If not you're singing it now! 

I have been wanting a pair of Nike Cortez shoes for a while now. I couldn't find them in stores and when I did find them they were always the wrong size. You're probably asking yourself, Why, what's the deal with these shoes? Well, it's a short and simple reason. They remind me of when Mr. V and I started dating, which will be 19 years this upcoming March. I remember Mr. V had a pair like the one's above and I just LOVED them then and still do!

Mr. V being the amazing husband he is, searched high and low and finally found me a pair. EEKK!!

I was so excited when I got them and couldn't wait to put them on. Instantly many memories flooded my mind of dating Mr. V. Isn't it funny how something like a pair of shoes can bring back so many memories?

One of my favorite thing's, I love to match Mr. V. Not in the way of wearing his boxers and shirt's but in a cute way, like the same kind of shoes. 

Lately while shopping I find myself buying pieces that will be versatile to my wardrobe. Who would have thought a shoe that was created in 1972, as the first official track shoe by an Olympic Coach would still be such a staple in today's fashion. 45 years later and still going strong!

Just remember Lovelies when your shopping,
shop for items that you LOVE and items that will be a staple in your wardrobe.

"Style is very personal. It has NOTHING to do with fashion. Fashion is over quickly. Style is forever." - Ralph Lauren


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