Monday, January 23, 2017

Weekend Recap- Faith, Family &Friends

Happy Monday, Lovelies!!!
This weekend was a great weekend. Great weekends have been becoming a trend at Casa De Vega lately. 
Saturday morning started off with Mr V watching our beauties so I could sleep in- which was greatly appreciated. I woke up to these three silly girls.
How I love these three goofballs :)

The rest of our morning was very low key. Silly girls, lots of giggles, some movie watching and lots of eating.

Saturday evening, Our Parish was celebrating their 130 anniversary and the Feast Day of St. Agnes. Talking about exciting event, 130 years this amazing little parish has been spreading the love of Jesus Christ and the Catholic Faith. Bishop Anthony Taylor came in from Little Rock to bless our new Parish Hall and to celebrate Mass. 

St. Agnes
All ready to head to Mass and the dinner to celebrate St Agnes feast day as well as the new parish hall building. This was our first time to meet a Bishop, ( we are currently converting to the Catholic Faith) and we were all so excited.

K2's smile explains the excitement
Of course K3 ALWAYS wants a picture solo :)

I could take pictures of her all day

You know I had to snap one of myself;)

This leopard blazer is a staple in my closet,
it's a versatile piece.😍😍
You know I couldn't forget a picture of me with the love of my life!!
He makes a good piece of
arm candy ;)
Saturday evening was filled with church, friends, laughter and great food- what else does a girl need??

Kaylon is my RCIA sponsor,
( I'll explain what all that is at another time).
Just know that this woman here is
such an important woman in my life. 

Her friendship, love, support, encouragement,
and direction is priceless.

Two people who mean the world
to me

mustache contest

her mustache fit her lip perfectly
it was so funny and adorable

apparently this is the "in" face 

Sunday was filled with rain and getting ready for the upcoming week. I went solo to the market while Mr V had the girls clean up their rooms and finish their laundry, that man is a keeper!
solo grocery shopping is the
way to go- I got everything on my


my fave jeans right now 

lace up studded flats! super cute but not
made for rain


hair brought to you by dry shampoo

I hope your weekend was a great one. My weekends have a way of setting the tone for the upcoming week, I hope yours was a blast and relaxing all at the same time, Till next time.
Happy Monday Lovelies!!!


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