Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Workin' it Wednesdays: New Year's Goals

Hi lovelies,
It's 9:00 a.m. and my morning has already been a whirlwind of crazy. Mr V's morning alarm did NOT go off this morning. So when K1 frantically woke us all up 7:15 we were all running around like chicken's with no heads, mom life at it's finest. I bet we all have had mornings like that, right?? Usually Mr V takes the girls to school and heads to his shop. This morning I took the girls to school and stopped into The Corner Gas Station and grabbed Mr V and I breakfast. I know what you're thinking, yuck gas station breakfast. I use to think the very same think when Mr V use to say he ate there most mornings before getting to work. One morning before heading out of town we stopped there, I tried it and I LOVED it!! Everything is fresh and real, real eggs, homemade gravy, hash browns, biscuit's, bacon and more!! Delish right!! I  usually always devour it quickly so I don't have a picture to share, lol. Mr V and I ate breakfast at home together, he left for work and I  grabbed a cozy blanket and checked my emails. One of my favorite blogs to follow is Mix Match Mama, Shay is such a sweet woman as well as these other women who are sweet as pie. Mr V and I had thought about relocating to the Dallas or McKinney area and Shay, Erika and Andrea all were more then helpful with suggestions and advice about the area. We would email back and forth and even though we decided to stay in Arkansas for the time being we still stay in touch and I love to read their blogs. When I read Shay's blog this morning she was talking about how her and Erika are going to have a new link up every month and I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to get back into blogging on a regular bases.

Today: how are we working it to keep our New Year's goals together.

I don't know about you, but I LOVE goals. Yes, I am one of those people who always set New Year's resolution's for the upcoming year. Usually mine always have something to do with the gym or getting fit because let's face it, it's right after the holidays and I have ate my weight in fudge alone!! 

The last three year's I have entered the New Year with some sort of health issue, either just having surgery or an upcoming surgery was about to happen. I didn't set new years resolution's then because my mind was preoccupied with all that.

This New Year's was different. I am healthy and I entered 2017 like a brand new me. The " new me" still loves goal's and writing lists so what better way to enter 2017 then with a New Year's resolution. Here's a little glimpse into what my New Year's Eve looked like, it was the first time Mr V and I celebrated NYE out since we have had our beauties. 
Great Gatsby Party

Embassy Suites Medical Center, OKC

The Dollhouse in OKC
 They always treats us like VIP's
If you're area go check them out

Ringing in 2017 with my love.


Easy enough, right? I am no longer on social media so all that time is now put towards more important things. I want to be more present in everything I do from simple things like cleaning my house to the more important things like really listening and hearing my girl's when they are speaking to me. Here are a  few ways I plan to incorporate this in my day to day life:

Be more present with my family. These people are my world, they deserve every ounce of my attention when they are with me. I need to make sure they get the best of me not whats left over after my time was spent looking through the pages of social media. To spend more time with not only my girls and husband but with my parent's and my brothers. To have family dinner's again and be present when we are all together, holding conversations not looking down at our watches or phones. Family is so important and I have misplaced that importance the last few year's but this year I will be present and look forward to all the new wonderful memories to be made.
Family Dinner at my parent's house
Chelsea (sister-in-law), Michael ( brother), me, Mr V, Joseph (brother) and Yessica (gf)

                                                                                                                                                                 Another way to be more present is spending time with my family attending Church. We are new to the Catholic Faith and have been attending classes to convert. This whole experience has been a huge blessing for us all. In the beginning when we would attend Mass I couldn't get my mind to quite down, the last few years I also lost my faith and direction, but attending St. Agnes for VBS or other events for my friend's or the girl's friends there was something special about St. Agnes it gave me a feeling of peace I have never felt anywhere else. When I attend Mass now I am fully present, my mind, ears and heart are soaking in every word and because I am being present I can feel and see my life changing. Faith is a wonderful wonderful gift and I am thankful God's unconditional love everyday. He gave his only son and he died for all of our sins, how can I not Be fully present for him.
Cathedral Shrine of The Virgin Guadalupe in Dallas, TX.
If you are in the area it's worth the visit.  Even if you're not Catholic, the architecture of this Cathedral is breathtaking.

St Agnes, our local parish here in Mena, Ar.
Christmas 2016 Vigil Mass with Father John Tran

So you see, my goal phrase: Be more present is something I can work into everything.

My life can be very busy just like most. Stay at home mom wife, raising three girls, substitute teacher, we own two business, attend church, have weekly church classes, we have after school activities, small clothing business, time spent with friends ,play dates, we love to travel and your basic cooking, cleaning and running errands ... there is a lot on my plate most days but the plan is to be more present and make every moment count. I am going to spend more time being present and aware not multi-tasking and just half assing ( excuse the language) going through the motions.

I would love to hear what your focusing on this year! Is it saving money? Health and Fitness? Going to church? Starting a family? Getting married? Please share away, I bet whatever your goal may it's worth the share. Peace with you my friends and remember no time is wasted when you are present with loved ones.
 NYE 2017

Frisco, TX
Dec 17th
Ice sledding

XO, Simply Vega

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