Friday, February 3, 2017


Happy Friday, Lovelies!!!
I thought I'd join my friend Andrea and others today as we share our Friday FAVORITES, I hope you will join the fun. Just click on Andrea's link and grab the graphic and link up!!

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This week was another busy week at Casa De Vega, today was my first day off in two weeks- not to bad for a prek substitue right??  So today was jammed packed with catching up on all my errands, laundry, grocery shopping and a little me time.

First up was grocery shopping- I dread going to our local Walmart! We aren't lucky enough to have the grocery pick up, God willing we will one day! Anything to make Walmart less of a headache! I have been making more of an effort to actually prepared myself to have a successful grocery trip! This starts with going through all our food cabinets to see what we already have, writing a menu for the week and then a grocery list! I try my best no to veer off my list! After shopping I come home and try my best to organize our fridge and cabinets, it doesn't always happen but when it does my heart does a little happy dance! # MOMSUCCESS

an organized fridge makes life so much better!!

We do most of our shopping online- joys of living far away from a big city. There are many times Mr. V or I order things for each other without telling one another. so imagine my shriek of excitement when I came home and found this beauty on my front porch!!  I LOVE ULTA, unfortunately Mr. V said I have to wait for my birthday ( Feb 14th) till I can open it. Till then I will constantly ask what's in the package hoping to wear him down so he will just let me open it! WHAT could it be?? Any good guesses???

Unexpected packages are my FAVE

Winter time is always harsh on my skin especially my hands- I'm a hand washer, Even more so now that I sub in Preschool. Tons of kids and tons more germs! 😉  I love having soft and smooth skin, so I'm always trying new lotions and hand creams. This one is one go to right now and you can find it at Tar-Jay ( Target) for under $10! Talk about a steal.  It has a crisp clean lemon scent which I LOVE!!

it smells fresh and makes your hands soft! I chalk that up as a WIN!!

"Me time" is something I believe every mother and woman NEEDS! Sometimes it's weekend getaways but I try to get in a little "me time" everyday. It usually ranges from time alone reading my bible or some religious book, drinking hot tea or coffee, manicures, pedicures, hot bubble baths, massages or even % minutes listening to some relaxing music. This week consisted of lots of little things that helped keep me refreshed. I find when I take care of myself I can take care of my family and responsibilities better. Do you feel the same way? Here is a little glimpse inside my "me time" this week. 

red's are usually a go to for February

I'm a french tip nail kind of lady

I'm a book worm

The first page- exactly what I needed to read! The WORLD? or  GOD?

I love Miles Davis and all music from that Genre

these are my staples: rosary, Jesus is Calling devotional, coffee, food, Living Faith Daily Catholic Devotions and my trusty calendar.
So what are some ways you get in your " me time" ? Please feel free to share I'm always up for new ways to recharge my batteries!

I always love to find new quotes that I find aspiring or hilarious and came across this one this week...

 I'm currently working on my "flawsomeness". Wouldn't it be great if we all could just embrace our flaws instead of of letting them bring us down.  Embrace your YOUness because their is only one You and the World needs you to be YOU!!

One of the most exciting things that happened this week actually happened TODAY- FRIYAY . I know your just on the edge of your seating waiting for me to tell you right?? I am starting to take some onlione courses through Arkansas State University! Its never to late to start a new goal in life so heres to new chapter in my life.

cheers to a new chapter.

Hope you have a fabulous Friday and a blessed weekend. I'm looking forward to relaxing weekend with my tribe. I hope to read about your Friday favorites, so make sure you link up and share!! 
Happy FRIDAY, Lovelies!!!