Friday, April 28, 2017

Friday Favorites- A little bit of this and a whole lot of that edition...

Happy Friday, lovelies!!! This week has been another busy one for the books and I have a fun and short list of FAVORITES to share!! 

This week has me like this..

Apparently even Buddha has had a busy week for the books. Just kidding our cat's are just lazy and look for any excuse to sleep, this is his favorite way to sleep. He covers his eyes when the light is on, even our cats are DIVAS!!

One of my FAVORITE pictures taken in the middle of the week hands down has to be
 this one...

We just got home from jujitsu and she asked if she could play a little before our bedtime routine ( bath, teeth brushing, story and bed) and I think a little imaginative playtime never hurts anyone. Next thing I see is this sweet girl dressed as "mom" and I LOVED it! Talk about melting my heart she said she was practicing being me because " I want to be a mom just like you". Those are those mommy moments when you know you're making a difference. Sometimes those moments aren't that noticeable so when they happen make sure you take that time and thank God for sending you that little reminder that your efforts aren't going unnoticed.

My girls got a phone call from their Nana ( my mom) this week and asked if she could hire them to pick up some sticks and pine cones in her back yard. They are learning to work for their own money to buy things they want. So we headed to my parents and they went to work. 

Of course they stopped here and there for a quick song and dance. Since my kids were working and I just got off work,  I seized the moment and did one of my favorite things. I sat in my parents wooden rocking chair under the sun and read. 

I cant help it, I have always been a book worm. There is something about picking up a book and reading page after page that I find so peaceful and exciting. I don't like reading on nooks, kindles or on my phone, I love the feel of an actual book in my hands, feeling the pages and  devouring every word. I LOVE the smell of old books, the older the better. Mr V laughs at me because he just isn't a" book nerd" like I am, but one of my most FAVORITE smells, is the smell of a library. There is something about it, Ill walk in close my eyes and take a big long whiff of the air and I always whisper the words mmm smells like knowledge. 

As I sit here writing this post K1, K2 & Mr V are at a Father/daughter dance. This is K1's third year attending the dance and her final year because next year she will be in junior high and she will be going to actual school dances, with boys! Oh it makes me emotional just thinking about how fast she is growing up!! I have a love/hate relationship with that but that's a whole other post. 

Look at those pictures, how precious is the love between a father and his daughter!! Pink bow is her 3rd grade year and glasses is 4th grade! I cant wait to add her 5th grade picture!! I couldn't help but snap tons before they left here are a few of my Favorite. K1 loves the "duck face" pose and since she is 11 I don't say anything, lol!!

K2 was so excited for her first Father/daughter dance. She was nervous and excited it was precious!! I cant wait to get her picture from the dance so she can have her own memories like K1! You know I couldn't resist taking pictures of her as well.  K2 isn't sure about the whole " funny pose" she is my serious child and is trying to discover where she fits on the humor scale, as you can see in her picture with Mr. V. I just adore her!!

Well that end's my Favorites of this week. K3 has a friend over while big sister's are out at their dance. Pictures to come later.

Have a blessed weekend lovelies.


Wednesday, April 26, 2017



It's What's Up Wednesday!!
 Where a few of my girlfriend bloggers link up together and share random and fun thing's going on today.  Go check out my friend Shay's blog and link up with the rest of. Once a month we answer these questions...

We are having a pretty great week, we have been soaking up this gorgeous Spring weather here in Arkansas.


garlic and herb chicken strips

I have to be honest, I haven't taken any picture's of our food lately. The only reason I have the picture of our chicken strips is Mr V asked what was for dinner one night and I sent him that picture. Tonight is Taco Night!! Tomorrow will be Rib Eye steaks, sauteed mushrooms, roasted veggies and garlic bread. Friday is K1 and K2's father and daughter dance so K3 and I will be solo so I will let her pick Friday night's dinner.


The Dollhouse is my fav club in OKC
The owners are dear friends of ours.

Mr V and I always spend a weekend or two solo in OKC!! I ALWAYS have such a blast! Spending time with him is always fun no matter where we go but OKC is one of our favorite spots!!


I am LOVING our Spring weather here in the Arkansas. I even enjoyed the down pour of rain we had today.

4:What we have been up to.

Work, school and church. This is my normal view everyday. When I'm not a work, I am home doing the normal house wife/mom duties; cleaning, cooking, running errands, jujitsu practice, church and working on school. I am currently working on getting my CDA for teaching and attending workshops related to work.

5: What I am dreading:

Yup that's right!! I am dreading the awkward moments when it's warm enough to wear rompers and I feel exposed when I am sitting on the toilet!! Those of you who wear rompers know the exact feeling I am talking about!! Can I get an Amen!!

6: what I am working on


7: What I'm excited about.

Sweet sweet summertime!!! 
 Bring it on!!
 WE are ready and counting down the day's till Summer Break!!
 These picture's are from last year's summer va-cay getaways! 
Oh I can't wait for this year's va-cay's with my favorite peeps! 
Our summer routine is my FAV!!
I love staying up late, I love our summer activities, VBS is always on our Fav list and all our little summer plan's.
More time with my favorite people, what's not to love??

8: What I am watching/reading:

Honestly I haven't spent a lot of time watching much of anything. Mr V and I are always up for some Tosh.O, Modern Family or one of my new fav's is Teachers ( if you're a teacher and have a good sense of humor, you'll love this). I have been reading a lot of Faith based books and right now Rome sweet Rome is in my purse or on my night stand.

9: What I'm listening to.

A lot of NBA playoff highlights. Basketball is my thing!!

10: What I'm wearing:

Lot's of hats!! Why, you ask yourself?
Well it's a fast and simply way to cover up messy hair and add a simple chic touch to any outfit!
You're Welcome!!
I am also now wearing reading glasses!!
I had to get the biggest pair, big glasses and I have always been BFF's!!

11: What am I doing this weekend:

I haven't made it that far yet, I try to take it day by day lately but I know I will be with my people so all will be well.

12: what is new??

Well I think I covered everything in this post!!

That's a wrap on What's Up Wednesday! I hope you link up and share your Wednesday!!


Tuesday, April 25, 2017


Happy Tuesday Lovelies.

Today is Show & Tell Tuesday, so here are a few things that have been going on in my week so far. I have had two day's off from work, which has been the longest time I have had off since August. I have been getting caught up on house cleaning and preparing for our church's yard sale coming up. Yard Sale prep is hard work! I LOVE purging and getting rid of unused or useless items for our home. Yes, more then likely i will feel like I need to go on a shopping spree soon after, lol but hopefully I'll refrain, who am I kidding I'll definitely go shopping!!

I have noticed I eat healthier when I am working, below are a few of my go to items when I am working and as you can see I carry around a gallon of water with me. My goal is to drink a gallon a day most days I get over a little half way when I am at work ( as a teacher you can't use the restroom whenever you want). 

my go to breakfast add hot water and eat

protein powder mixed with Real food by Rich Piana
with my jug of water

snack or sometimes breakfast.

I try my best to eat a high protein low carb diet. Not only does it help with my personal body goals but it helps reduce my migraines. Due to Easter and all the candy we have laying around these last two days off of work have been filled with me eating my body weight in  mini snickers. I swear I tell myself they are mini they aren't bad for you but 15 mini candy bars later lol, does anyone else do that?? I cant be the only one who thinks this way!!

My older beauties had GT night where they presented their boards and presentations, I am always so proud of them they work so hard.
K1 Abraham Lincoln VS JFK

K2 Texas VS California

We love Spring around here minus our allergies but the warm sunshine and blooming flowers is so worth it. Lat's talk favorite Spring shoes right now. These are my favorite shoes right now I have been rotating between them they go with jeans, shorts, skirts and dresses perfectly so they are a WIN in my book. Below are the links where you can find these shoes and just a little FYI all shoes were under $50!! I know, talk about a steal right!!

Hats and earrings are a fun and cheap way to dress up any outfit. I LOVE wearing hats all year long a few of my favorite hats are from Abercrombie and Fitch. They price rage is from $40-$50, they are long lasting and their quality is high. Below is one of my favorites, the color is amazing and its just so cheerful and classy.

the woman in the red hat
These are simple and classy earrings I found at Forever 21 for under $10. Pearl and diamonds how can you go wrong!!

Well lovelies that's all for this show & tell Tuesday, link up and show me what you what you have going on. Tell next time..