Monday, April 10, 2017


It seems just like yesterday that my sweet baby was learning how to sit up and rocking that sweet porcupine hair do, but time reminded me this week that she isn't a baby! Time has a funny way of doing that, doesn't it? Everything seems like it's flowing along then BAM fast forward and you're baby has her first wiggly tooth!! Lots of emotions in a short period of time.

Fast forward to Friday afternoon and I'm driving home a big girl who lost her FIRST tooth. She has been waiting forever to lose a tooth so she could be like bug sister's. As for me i was NOT ready AT ALL!! Seeing how excited she was I couldn't help but be excited for her. So we rushed home and placed her tooth in her little bucket so the tooth fairy could pay this toothless cutie a visit.

Fresh out of her bath and holding her tooth one last time for good luck. We did our bedtime routine and say our goodnight prayers. She went to bed super early because if " you're not in bed and fast asleep the tooth fairy can not visit you". 

As I waited for her to be fast asleep I couldn't help but to reminisce about when she first got that little tooth and now here we are getting our first visit from the tooth fairy for that same tooth. We have a tradition in our house, each one of our girls have their very own tooth fairy who leave them special coins or treats and now K3 will be part of this tradition.

We woke up crazy early, with messy hair and excited screaming!! Her tooth fairy came!! She wrote her a letter, left her a tooth certificate and 5 glittered dollar bills!! Shimmer Twinkle Toe's is the name of this sweet girl's tooth fairy and she couldn't have been happier. Even though I'm having a hard time grasping the reality that my baby is no longer an actual baby sharing in these exciting milestones in her life is worth time flying by. Don't get me wrong if anyone has a way of slowing time down I'll spend every last dime of ours in that investment but for the time being I'm LOVING every moment with this sweet girl and her big sisters!!


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