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It's What's Up Wednesday!!
 Where a few of my girlfriend bloggers link up together and share random and fun thing's going on today.  Go check out my friend Shay's blog and link up with the rest of. Once a month we answer these questions...

We are having a pretty great week, we have been soaking up this gorgeous Spring weather here in Arkansas.


garlic and herb chicken strips

I have to be honest, I haven't taken any picture's of our food lately. The only reason I have the picture of our chicken strips is Mr V asked what was for dinner one night and I sent him that picture. Tonight is Taco Night!! Tomorrow will be Rib Eye steaks, sauteed mushrooms, roasted veggies and garlic bread. Friday is K1 and K2's father and daughter dance so K3 and I will be solo so I will let her pick Friday night's dinner.


The Dollhouse is my fav club in OKC
The owners are dear friends of ours.

Mr V and I always spend a weekend or two solo in OKC!! I ALWAYS have such a blast! Spending time with him is always fun no matter where we go but OKC is one of our favorite spots!!


I am LOVING our Spring weather here in the Arkansas. I even enjoyed the down pour of rain we had today.

4:What we have been up to.

Work, school and church. This is my normal view everyday. When I'm not a work, I am home doing the normal house wife/mom duties; cleaning, cooking, running errands, jujitsu practice, church and working on school. I am currently working on getting my CDA for teaching and attending workshops related to work.

5: What I am dreading:

Yup that's right!! I am dreading the awkward moments when it's warm enough to wear rompers and I feel exposed when I am sitting on the toilet!! Those of you who wear rompers know the exact feeling I am talking about!! Can I get an Amen!!

6: what I am working on


7: What I'm excited about.

Sweet sweet summertime!!! 
 Bring it on!!
 WE are ready and counting down the day's till Summer Break!!
 These picture's are from last year's summer va-cay getaways! 
Oh I can't wait for this year's va-cay's with my favorite peeps! 
Our summer routine is my FAV!!
I love staying up late, I love our summer activities, VBS is always on our Fav list and all our little summer plan's.
More time with my favorite people, what's not to love??

8: What I am watching/reading:

Honestly I haven't spent a lot of time watching much of anything. Mr V and I are always up for some Tosh.O, Modern Family or one of my new fav's is Teachers ( if you're a teacher and have a good sense of humor, you'll love this). I have been reading a lot of Faith based books and right now Rome sweet Rome is in my purse or on my night stand.

9: What I'm listening to.

A lot of NBA playoff highlights. Basketball is my thing!!

10: What I'm wearing:

Lot's of hats!! Why, you ask yourself?
Well it's a fast and simply way to cover up messy hair and add a simple chic touch to any outfit!
You're Welcome!!
I am also now wearing reading glasses!!
I had to get the biggest pair, big glasses and I have always been BFF's!!

11: What am I doing this weekend:

I haven't made it that far yet, I try to take it day by day lately but I know I will be with my people so all will be well.

12: what is new??

Well I think I covered everything in this post!!

That's a wrap on What's Up Wednesday! I hope you link up and share your Wednesday!!


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