Friday, May 26, 2017

Friday Favorites: Life Lately

Happy Friday, lovelies! As you can see I actually wrote this Thursday because in all honesty the girls and I are having a movie day on Friday and I have NO plans to be on my laptop!!

The very first Friday of Summer Break!!!

The end of the year is a very busy one for us, award ceremonies, field days, teacher gifts, and basketball camp just to name a few. On top of that I have been sick, so this past week has been a real rough one.

I went to the doctor with some major pains in my lower left abdominal area, fearing it was my ovaries I made an appointment with my ob/gyn. I found out I had a severe infection and was placed on a strong antibiotic and has an ultrasound the following Tuesday, ( I'm currently waiting to get my results back). The antibiotics have made me very very ill, which caused me to becomes to severely dehydrated. It was so bad that I had no tears to cry even though I was in extreme pain. So this has been my life for the last week...

As most mom's know life doesn't stop just because you are sick. I'm very grateful to have Mr. V, who is always going above and beyond to help out with the girls and our crazy schedules.

Yesterday was the first day in 5 day's that I was up and able to drive. I was surprised with a mani & pedi that Mr. V set up for me. It was extremely relaxing so much so that during my pedicure my nail person, said " Mrs. Vega, you are super sleepy, you're snoring" 😫😪😂

When I was awake, I did enjoy the amazing paraffin wax and relaxing hot stone massage.

The last few days of school went like this...

K2 had a Fishing trip with her 3rd grade classmates. She made this cute shirt and even won a fishing tackle bag. She blamed me being born and raised in the "city" on why she didn't catch any fish. Not to self... taking girls fishing!!!

K3 had a "tension" headache when I picked her up... #dramaqueen I do have to admit, I may or may not use that term! This one is a hoot she tends to say a lot of what I say or do what I do. Which can be a good thing or a bad thing, It's an important remind as a mom that even when you think they aren't paying attention that they are. 

Last day of school, she said she was practicing her " mic drop" when I laughed she said " oh mom you crack me up". K3 is the only one who wanted the last day of school picture, K1 was upset she wasn't allowed to attend a party and K2 doesn't really care too much to document every little detail in pictures.

K3 brought home this picture that she drew, it's a" Jesus Tree" and when she told me about it, I dictated every word she told me about her drawing. I LOVE that she loves Jesus so much. If you ask her about me she always talks about how much momma loves Jesus, which melts my heart. If there is anything I want my girls to learn for me is the love I have for our Lord and Savior, he has saved my life and he is the reason I love my life so much. I hope that they continue to build and strengthen their relationship with him on a daily base, as I try to do myself. 

Below you will find a few of my favorites some are old favorites and some are brand new... 
I am a HUGE coffee drinker( I'm going to try to do more herbal tea) so I use a whitening toothpaste. I have tried a few different one's but Crest 3D White, Glamourous White is my go too, along with their whitening strips. I like the way it makes my mouth and teeth feel clean.

I LOVE trying to use all natural products for my girl's. My friend and fellow blogger Andrea posted about " Everyone"soap and thought it was something we needed to try. A huge thank you to Andrea because we LOVE it. We have only tried it for a few days but I can't say enough great things about it, and we were able to find it locally at Walmart. The bottle is a great size especially for the price. My girls have thick hair and a lot of it and this makes their hair soft and easy to brush through, plus it's an all in one so they can even wash their bodies and face which we have because common on now #momlife anything to make life simpler. I love that it's totally safe for the girls and it's "tear free" we haven't had any issues with it hurting their eyes. Trust me K3 would have let me know as well as the neighbors if she got soap in her eye's.

Shea Moisture Lip Balm is a new try for me. I bought the coconut & hibiscus Shea butter with sunflower oil, it's 100% natural and makes my lips sooooo soft and smells so good. Like I mentioned before I am dealing with being dehydrated so my lips have become very dry and started to crack. This lip balm has been a saving grace for my lips. I highly recommend it!! It's going to be a staple in my purse this summer.

I was asked to try L'Oreal Infallible pro-glow foundation. I usually use the same kind of foundation, Estee Lauder long wear, but I ran out and haven't had time to get more so I thought this was the perfect opportunity to try a new one. What I like about this foundation is that it's very lightweight, doesn't feel like its greasy or that my skin can't breathe. It was very simple to apply and I only needed a little bit. I still had my natural complexion but it did help cover trouble area's. I plan on buying a shade darker then I did buy only because during summertime my skin does tan and get darker. 

I LOVE food so when Mr. V brought me lunch this week these were my favorite things to eat. This little already prepared salad was delish. It had grilled chicken breast, cranberries, almonds, blue cheese chunks, and green crispy kale and baby spinach. Fiber advance gummies are a must have.. I carry them everywhere I go. It helps with bloating and helps on those days that I am not eating so weel and clean.

We recently got a new food truck in town, Hibachi and it quickly become a favorite for me and Mr. V. Just look at how yummy that looks!!

All three girls have been enjoying Basketball camp, they come home and practice every evening. The weather has been beautiful for outside time, even Buddha has enjoyed the weather.

Happy Memorial Weekend Lovelies!! We are very grateful for all the brave men and women who lost their life's fighting for country.

Be blessed my friends and enjoy your weekend.


The Vega Family

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