Tuesday, May 9, 2017


Hey, lovelies, it's Show & Tell Tuesday!!

Twice a month my friend Andrea host a link up where we show and tell you something. Today's topic: A trip down memory lane.

I honestly didn't have any topic planned to blog about until last night K2 found my stash of Babysitters Club books from when I was younger, and thought this is perfect. Andrea's prompt says to show and tell favorite childhood stuff, so hold on tight while I take you back through a few of my must haves "back in the day!!"

The Babysitters Club books and eventually movies were to me what Harry Potter and Twilight are to this generation. Even back then I was a book nerd, I read those books over and over again. It was to the point of me and my group of friends were planning our own " Babysitters club." We all picked our characters that we thought represented us, I was Claudia. Through the years and many moves I unfortunately no longer have my whole collection but I do have more then half, and now my older girls enjoy reading them just as much as I did.

Cabbage Patch Dolls were to me what American Girl Dolls are to my girls. I took one everywhere I went. When I saw a new one I HAD to have it. They were everything to me!  My grandmother kept my dolls but unfortunately I lived in another state when she passed away and all her things along with the items she saved from our childhood were thrown away. Even though I don't have the actual dolls with me, I have a lifetime of happy memories being those dolls " mommy".

Troll Dolls were my next must have items. How can you not love dolls with jewels for belly buttons and hair you can just swirl around over and over! I spent lots of time spinning those troll dolls between my hands and watching their hair. Isn't it funny that my girls now love the new Troll movie that came out?

YES!!! New Kids on the Block I didn't like them I was obsessed with them! I'm talking about blankets, sleeping bags, slippers, posters, shirts, buttons and every single song they made kind of obsessed!! My cousin and I would make up dances to all their songs. I loved them!!

Scrunchies, side ponytail with puffy bangs, and bedazzled shirt rings were my go to outfit! Every picture or memory from my childhood has those huge scrunchies with a side ponytail and awful puffy bangs. Even at a young age I LOVED fashion.

Sweet sweet Lisa Frank. Another obsession of mine, everything in my backpack was hers. I had her folders, pencils, pencil cases, notebooks, binders and of course her stickers that covered all my folders. I was a walking ad for Lisa Frank and scrunchies 😉

And this was my FAVORITE from her..

...my Trapper Keeper!! I remember starting the first day of school with a new trapper keeper thinking I was the coolest kid in elementary school and I was ready to learn new stuff with my school supplies tucked away in my trapper keeper. Oh how I LOVED those things!!

I'm pretty sure everyone around my age watched either Saved by the Bell or Boy meets World.
I watched both and was madly in love with Zach Morris but I bet every girl my age has that memory as part as her trip down memory lane. I watched their spin off of their college years and wedding movie special. I wanted to be Kelly so bad every time I watched this show.
Boy meets World was my other favorite. Topanga's hair was perfect I wanted it. Now my girls love to watch Girl meets World.  Isn't funny how all these things come back around??

Sanrio Store, I can still smell the store every time I think back of a memory that includes my cousin. She was obsessed with Hello Kitty and all their little characters. My cousin who is more like my sister would always buy something from there, and I always wanted to be just like her so I would buy an eraser or little notebook so I could have something too. I don't know if she even knows how much I looked up to her wand wanted to be just like her!!  

POGS... I remember playing with these for hours, my friends and I would take these to school and play them during recess all the time. I collected so many of them, I wonder where they went?? Did anyone else love playing with these??

Ouch bubble gum, lucas and hubba gum, was something I always had on me or was eating.
Who doesn't want to chew gum that looks like a bandadie right? Hubba Bubba was my favorite I would get a big helping of it place it in my mouth and chew on it with my mouth open smacking around that gum that hurt my jaw, ewww gross right! I don't know why my mom let me chew that stuff!! Recently Mr V found a place not far from where we live that sells lucas so every now and then we get some and I have a trip down memory lane!!

So there you have it a few things down my memory lane. I cant wait to read everyone Else's memories especially those around my age to see what I was missing!! Please share so we can reminisce together!!

Here are a few fun pictures of my childhood...


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