Tuesday, June 6, 2017

This & That Tuesday...

As I was downloading my pictures to my laptop, I realized that I have many pictures of this and that, so I'm sharing them with you!

Happy Tuesday, Lovelies!

We had the honor of being invited to my sweet friends 'wedding.  I loved attending the wedding with my family. It started at 8pm, so this "old lady" didn't think I would be attending. By 8 Pm I am usually already in pjs watching some TV, reading a book or straightening up Casa De Vega. When you meet someone as sweet as the bride you put on your big girl panties and attend!!

Ah, the beautiful bride!! She is as sweet as she is pretty. I am so happy for her and wish her a lifetime of happiness.

Sweet teacher's who quickly became dear friend's. These two special ladies always made me feel like I was an important part of their team.

The girl's had their annual well child check ups. I try to get all medical, dental, vision and anything else like that done in the first few weeks of summer break, that way it's done and don't have to worry about it when school starts. K1 is going into JR high, which means she needed shots and a physical. They gave her 3 shots and took her blood. Happy to report all three girl's are in great health. 

We started a "family" workout this summer. We do a routine together everyday and we are trying to eat healthier. I want the girl's to know that food is meant to fuel our bodies and we need to live healthy, of course there are times for junk food but everything needs to be in moderation. I started doing this because my mom recently found out she is diabetic and needs to take insulin everyday.  There are many health issues that run in my family so I'm taking control of my families health and we are starting with exercise and eating right!!

Memorial weekend was the perfect weekend!! Mr V always makes my morning coffee and he brought it to me in bed with these adorable patriotic flags!! #USA

Sidewalk chalk is always a MUST when we are outside! If you ever come to Casa De Vega, there are usually random colorful drawings all over the sidewalk.

Buddha was very curious about our water gun refill station. He would put his top part of his body into the bucket and leave his bottom part dangling outside the bucket.

The weather was great, so we had multiple water balloons fights!

K2 picked this fluffy flower and I put it in her hair! She is such a little beauty!!


We attend Mass and I finally came to the conclusion that I wanted to start veiling, but that is an entirely different post. If you're curious about it look up Catholic Veiling.

Mr V grilled all weekend. We love grilling, we spend time outside and he cooks up lots of yummy food!!

After the water balloon fight I found one of the girl's old school mats and used it for a quick tanning sesh!!

Our butterfly bush is bringing in the prettiest butterflies!! We just had our lawn guy chop it down because when momma finds a snake, it gots to go!! This is what it looked like before we said goodbye to it!! It was huge!!

Slip and slide in the rain, well yeah! They had a blast!

I printed one of these check list for each beauty and these are our summer rules!! I LOVE them!

Happy Tuesday, Lovelies! 
That's all from this & that!
Till next time


Monday, June 5, 2017

Weekend Recap: Five, Six, Seven, Eight...

Summer time has us busy busy lately, my Vega Beauties have attend three camps: volleyball, basketball and cheer camp.

Cheer camp was my FAVORITE, but then again that's coming from a Cheer Ambassador and Cheer Coach so I can be a little biased. My sweet friend, Andrea Hughes, is the Senior High Cheer coach so I got to pick her brain during cheer camp to know as well as getting to know the Junior High Cheer Coach. All around it was a productive week for us all.

K3 was the only one interested in pictures. This was her very first cheer camp and she WON a medal for Best Cheer Motions!!! Talk about excitement, she was worn that medal now going on 4 days. We had to take the two older girl's out of town for their Orthodontist consultation and let K3 choose where we ate... Golden Corral was the winner... Chocolate Fountain how can a 6 year old resist that!!

K1 will be getting braces soon, she got her molding done at this appointment. She will wear her braces for two years and she is so excited about it!! K2 still has baby teeth she needs to lose first but she comes back for another appointment in 6 months.

We ended our trip with a stop at Starbucks, we had been going strong since 8 am and this momma and daddy team needed some pick me up!! These dark chocolate peppermint mocha's did the trick, they were DELISH!!!

I LOVE this guy right here, this summer has already been off to great start he has been able to take more time off work and spend more time with us. Which we Vega Girl's LOVE!!!

Happy Momma, Instant Human: Just add coffee!!

They sat there, talking and giggling and I got a glimpse of hopefully what's to come in their future, Lot's of coffee dates. Lot's of sister time spent talking and being each other's best friend's. They better call and invite their momma too!! These three beauties are my world!! Blessed is an understatement.

Happy Monday, Lovelies!
Have a great week.