Friday, July 28, 2017

Friday Favorites - Sweet and Simple Edition...

Happy Friday, lovelies!!

Only 2 more Friday's left until SCHOOL STARTS!!!

Oh my goodness where did Summer go???

Like most Friday's I am linking with AndreaErika, and Narci to discuss our Friday Favorites!!
This week is short, sweet and simple. We are starting our back to school shopping and have been BUSY!! 
I will have some EXCITING news to share with you all next week so make sure you are checking back with me so you won't miss it!!!

Here are my Favorite's from this week:


We found a little 15x48 pool for under $75 and set it up for the girl's and they are LOVING it!! We have been swimming early in the morning, night swimming and even swimming in the rain. Best money spent EVER on a small pool!! It is perfect for the three girl's! My girl's are mermaids, they would be in the water all day everyday if they could.


Here are my recent favorite item's in our bathroom right now..


I have been using Chanel bronzer for over 15 years and still LOVE it.
My nail shade is called Peach Cream & I love how it pops with my skin tone, it's a great summer shade that can easily transition into Fall ( Fall has been on my mind).


Life has been extremely busy for me. We have been trying to get ready for back to school and with three girl's that tends to take a LONG time!! Football/Cheer season is about to start up and since I am the Cheer Ambassador and one of the coaches for one of the squads that has me tied up!! Not to mention my big news... that I'll share with you next week 😉
This is what my daily coffee has looked like....
I keep forgetting to add the COFFEE!!!

I hope you have fun plans for this weekend, lovelies!!


Thursday, July 20, 2017

Thursday Treats... Easy Elote Mexican - Styled Street Corn

When I think of summer, a few different foods come to mind. There's juicy watermelon, bright red strawberries and cool refreshing Popsicles. But of course one of my all time favorite summer foods is also one of the most versatile and simplest: delicious corn on the cob. You have probably tried it with butter and salt but that can become a little boring. But thanks to this delicious recipe, you'll be able to add a little spice to an all time favorite!! Not only can Mexican corn on the cob made either on the grill or on the stove top but it's extremely simple!! Plus you can make this super simple and delicious side dish no matter the weather!!! Check out the recipe below, then try it out for yourself.

Homemade Easy Elote Mexican Styled Street Corn on the Cob

  • 6 ears of corn
  • 1 cup of mayonnaise
  • Spray butter
  • 1 cup grated Parmesan cheese or cotija cheese
  • chili powder or Cayenne pepper
  • 1 lime ( optional)
  1. Shuck your corn removing the husks and the silk strands, if using fresh corn. You can also use frozen corn as well.
  2. If barbecuing, place corn directly on grill and cook, rotating as dark spots appear. Cook until kernels have deepened in color and soften to touch ( about 10-12 minutes). NOTE: You can cook them on the stove ( I usually opt for this option) Put corn in pot with enough water to cover corn and bring to a boil, let boil for about 20 mins.
  3. Once corn is cooked remove from heat or water,
  4. Cover one corn on the cob at a time with spray butter, mayo, cheese and chili powder. Squeeze lime on top if you want to add a zest of citrus ( we usually skip this part and usually use lime wedges just for a garnish when we are hosting a meal).
  5. Then ENJOY!!!
What are some of your favorite ways to enjoy Corn on the Cob??

I can remember the first time I tried this Delicious recipe almost 20 years ago on a date, Mr. V and I were shopping and saw this street vendor and he ordered us three ( one for each of us and one more to share)  Elote Mexican Corn and I was instantly hooked!! Now we make them whenever we want and enjoy this simple and delish recipe as a family!!

Once you make this Delicious dish for yourself, let me know how you liked it in the comments!!

Happy Eating, lovelies


Monday, July 17, 2017

Lake Daze...

Hello lovelies!!

I have no idea how summer looks for you but for me it look like everything in these pictures below. Sunshine, water and family. 
It's all the best things rolled into one.  

Summer months having me dreaming a bit more.
 Truth be told, I really look forward to every moment spent with my family. Though I'm not one of those girls loving to spend every moment of their summer vacations planned nor am I the girl who likes to absolutely do nothing on their vacation. 
I'm the girl who likes to go with the flow day by day.
Swimming, having fun, laughing, family and being in the moment that's what defines the perfect Summer Vacation for me.

What does Summer Vacation mean to you? Do you relax with no schedule or are you one who likes a planned scheduled?  Or are you the go with the flow kinda person, a little bit like myself? 
Whatever summer means to you I hope you are truly enjoying every moment of it!

Happy Monday, lovelies!!


Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Workin' It Wednesday's: Weekends.. Pacific Coast Highway Edition...

Happy Wednesday, lovelies!! 
Today I'm linking up with my sweet blogging friend Shay and a bunch of other talented blogger's, please feel free to join in the fun! Head to Shay's blog, grab the link and link up! I would love to see a weekend in your life too!!

We are sharing a Weekend in our life!!!

 I am excited to share the weekend Mr. V and I had driving the Pacific Coast Highway!! Just a head's up...
There will be A LOT of pictures!! 

I am a born and raised Southern California girl who has made a small town in Arkansas my home. It's where we have decided to raise our three beauties and spend our days living a simple life. We own a few business, attend church and spend a lot of time on our porch talking and laughing. It's a very different life from the hustle and bustle of Big City living!!
That being said we still miss California and LOVE going back to visit family, smelling the salty sea water, eating yummy food and getting our fill of the bigger then life lifestyle.

My amazing In-laws wanted to spend a weekend with our beauties so that left Mr.V and I to entertain ourselves!! Mr. V has no issue surprising me with plans so he had the weekend planned out! First stop...

Calabasas, California...

Yes that's the town where the Kardashian's and many famous people live!!

What does one do in Calabasas you may ask? Well drink at the Starbucks that all the celebrities go to, of course!!

A quick caffeine stop then off to...

Malibu is the perfect destination for a peaceful and tranquil day at the beach. 

A few hours here with a cold drink in your hand, the sun warm kissing your skin and the salty air blowing through your hair and I promise all your worries will drift away!!

Where we travel too we always make sure we look up the local Catholic Church's in the area. Malibu was no exception. We found a beautiful little church tucked away in the hills.

Attending Church even if it's not during Mass helps to refocus ourselves. Sometimes living bigger then life on vacation requires a few moments to give praise and thanksgiving for all the blessings he is giving you. It helps to ground us and remind us that nothing is possible without him. Thanks be to God!! 

After some waves at Malibu and giving thanks to God in the beautiful Catholic Church we made our way to...
Venice Beach Boardwalk!!!

Venice beach is hands down our favorite beach. We are huge people watchers and love to be in the center of living life to the fullest and this is DEFINITELY the place to do it!!

We ate lunch at one of the restaurants on the beach.. 
The Sidewalk Cafe & Sports Bar, where we had the most delicious food, drinks and met a wonderful group of people who we quickly grew to love!! We shared stories, food, drinks and exchanged number's with these wonderful friends! Best lunch we had in California thanks to them!!

The food and service are incredible!! If you are ever in the area make sure you stop in, you'll love it!!

Strangers who quickly became friends!!

Off to enjoy Venice beach with the love of my life...

After a fun filled weekend with Mr. V being beach bums we headed back to our second home to see our beauties. On the way out we saw this  amazing mural of St. Mark and then made another quick Starbucks trip.