Friday, July 28, 2017

Friday Favorites - Sweet and Simple Edition...

Happy Friday, lovelies!!

Only 2 more Friday's left until SCHOOL STARTS!!!

Oh my goodness where did Summer go???

Like most Friday's I am linking with AndreaErika, and Narci to discuss our Friday Favorites!!
This week is short, sweet and simple. We are starting our back to school shopping and have been BUSY!! 
I will have some EXCITING news to share with you all next week so make sure you are checking back with me so you won't miss it!!!

Here are my Favorite's from this week:


We found a little 15x48 pool for under $75 and set it up for the girl's and they are LOVING it!! We have been swimming early in the morning, night swimming and even swimming in the rain. Best money spent EVER on a small pool!! It is perfect for the three girl's! My girl's are mermaids, they would be in the water all day everyday if they could.


Here are my recent favorite item's in our bathroom right now..


I have been using Chanel bronzer for over 15 years and still LOVE it.
My nail shade is called Peach Cream & I love how it pops with my skin tone, it's a great summer shade that can easily transition into Fall ( Fall has been on my mind).


Life has been extremely busy for me. We have been trying to get ready for back to school and with three girl's that tends to take a LONG time!! Football/Cheer season is about to start up and since I am the Cheer Ambassador and one of the coaches for one of the squads that has me tied up!! Not to mention my big news... that I'll share with you next week 😉
This is what my daily coffee has looked like....
I keep forgetting to add the COFFEE!!!

I hope you have fun plans for this weekend, lovelies!!


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