Monday, July 17, 2017

Lake Daze...

Hello lovelies!!

I have no idea how summer looks for you but for me it look like everything in these pictures below. Sunshine, water and family. 
It's all the best things rolled into one.  

Summer months having me dreaming a bit more.
 Truth be told, I really look forward to every moment spent with my family. Though I'm not one of those girls loving to spend every moment of their summer vacations planned nor am I the girl who likes to absolutely do nothing on their vacation. 
I'm the girl who likes to go with the flow day by day.
Swimming, having fun, laughing, family and being in the moment that's what defines the perfect Summer Vacation for me.

What does Summer Vacation mean to you? Do you relax with no schedule or are you one who likes a planned scheduled?  Or are you the go with the flow kinda person, a little bit like myself? 
Whatever summer means to you I hope you are truly enjoying every moment of it!

Happy Monday, lovelies!!


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