Friday, July 7, 2017

Life as a Vega... What happens in Vegas Stays in Vegas...

Happy Friday, lovelies!!

This is my first Friday favorites in sometime!
I have been living life to the fullest on vacation and making memories that will keep me laughing and smiling for a lifetime!!

Have you heard the saying what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas?? Before this last year I have always had issues with being in the present. I had every kind of social media out there and literally wanted to create memories just to post them. Here I am a year later and have no social media just a blog and life couldn't be better for me. I have made so many crazy memories, especially this summer!!
Now I can officially say I understand where the saying "What happens in Vegas, stay in Vegas" comes from!! Most of my crazy memories and stories will stay with me and Vegas but I do want to share a small glimpse of  "Life as a Vega... Vegas Style!!" 
Are you ready??? Be prepared for picture overload!! 


Mr. V told me Thursday night to pack for the weekend he had a surprise trip planned for the two of us!! He wouldn't tell me where we were going only that he had this planned since he found out we were heading to California. Early Friday morning we were up dressed and he handed me a yellow folder that contained the main details of our trip!!

Viva Las Vegas Baby!!
I haven't officially done Vegas as an adult. I went before turning 21 and then again after but I was a new mom with a baby and didn't really do anything. So this time I definitely wanted to leave my mark on Vegas ( although Vegas left it's mark on me)

We filled up on Gatorade and Lot's of water because let's be honest Lot's of drinking was about to go down!!

We arrived at our hotel The MGM Grand!! It was busy and beautiful!

After we checked in we got ready for our first event of the afternoon..
CLUB REHAB!!! WHAT, hold the phone!! Club rehab is on my bucket list and of course Mr. V knew this, we use to watch the show on TV and how can you properly do Vegas and not attend the hottest club in Vegas?? Mr. V got us on the VIP guest list and I was excited!!! It was packed and crazy busy!! The music was bumping, drinks were flowing, the sunshine was shining and we joined the party, danced in the pools and had the time of our life's!! DJ Ease was spinning, he is famously known and for a good reason. ( go ahead look him up, you wont be disappointed). 

After Club Rehab we made it back to our hotel and slept for a few hours then got up and got ready to take on The Vegas Strip!! It was 8:30 p.m. and 105 degrees outside we saw some sights and went back to the MGM for dinner. This girl was hot and hungry!!

After eating some yummy nachos we went back up to our room and got ready for our night time plan's!! 

Club Hakkasan is home to the World Famous DJ's Calvin Harris, Tiesto, Kasade and Steve Aoki.
I was so excited to spend our night here!! We got VIP bracelet's so we didn't have to wait in the 8 different lines of over 500 people waiting to get into the Club. This club has 5 different levels, it was insane!!

Calvin Harris was there spinning!! Lovelies, I know you know who he is but just in case you don't he is a world famous music producer that has worked with Rihanna, Katy Perry, Pharrell and many many more famous artist!! I was starstruck!!

Then they made the announcement that MMA fighter Nick Diaz was there and the crowd went wild. I was more excited about Calvin Harris but hey famous people are famous people right?? Whatever floats your boat!!

We left Club Hakkasan at 4 a.m. and all that dancing had us starving so we went to Wolfgang Puck's restaurant and ate breakfast.

Day 2:

I woke up and told Mr. V how much I really wanted to go to Club Rehab again, even though I knew all the tickets were sold out and had been sold out for weeks. They were having a special guest, Lexy Panterra, who was going to dance and perform. None the less, Mr. V called The Hard Rock Hotel and Casino booked us a suite and somehow worked his magic and got us on the VIP Guest List again! We packed up all our stuff from the MGM and drove to our next hotel!!

We dropped off our luggage at the front desk and headed over to Club Rehab for day 2 of pool party heaven!! (At this moment we have been up for about 24 hours drinking, eating and dancing). 

With a celebrity guest being present the Club was even more crowded and AMAZING!!
Lexy performed, music was pumping, and guns were shooting champagne it was FABULOUS!!! I even got to meet Lexy and she gave me one of her custom limited edition hats from her new clothing line!! 

After shutting down Club Rehab like a couple of bosses we ate some dinner, went upstairs to change and take on Vegas again!!

Vegas was one of the BEST trip's I have ever had and can't wait to do it again!! Till next time I will daydream of this beautiful view from our hotel room window at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino!

Malani & MR.V



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