Monday, October 23, 2017

Since the last time...

Hi lovelies,
 I finally have a some spare time to blog!!
It's incredible how fast time goes bye!!
We have a 3 day weekend this weekend so I actually had some free time ( I should be doing laundry or cleaning the house) and thought I'd catch you up on all things ...
 Simply Vega.

Traveling has been part of our life lately... 
OKC, Dallas, various cities for workshops for teachers.
One thing you should know about me when I travel, being comfortable is a MUST!!!

Usually my outfit consist of leggings, a comfortable shirt, oversized sweater and my Ugg boots (fall & winter) or my Yeezy's

K3 and I spend a lot of time together especially since I took a job at the preschool located on her school campus.

I love seeing her through out my day, it's the highlight of my work day when I get to see her sweet little face and love on her!

How could I NOT LOVE seeing this sweet girl during the day!!

Mr. V has taken on the responsibilities of taking the girl's to their medical dental, vision and all other appointments. I can't tell you how grateful I am for that man!!!
Nothing is sweeter than a Daddy & Daughter relationship.

Life has been extremely busy for us but some of our activities are coming to an end. I am looking forward to weekend's at home with my family. Fall is one of my favorite season's and I am thankful that the weather is finally starting to feel 
like Fall. Which mean's alot of time enjoying the beautiful fall weather!! We are preparing our firepit, tiki torches, cozy blankets and front porch for sitting and lot's of memories!

What awesome of the things you like to do during Fall? 

Here is another small glimpse inside my life...

Happy Fall lovelies!!!
I hope all is well in your life!!
Till next time!! 


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