Today I want to share the printable planner I've been using so far this year. Here's a link to the lovely blog where I got the planner:

(I am copying her pictures to share on this page. These are pictures from the Making Lemonade Blog. Please visit her site. You can download a copy of her planner for yourself from her blog. This isn't sponsored or anything. I just really love how pretty the planner is and wanted to share and talk about it.)

Everything you need is included in this download. Their is a gorgeous front that matches details of each page. I love that their are pages to detail each day, week, and month! Here is a taste!

pretty (and FREE!) printable 2020 planner (17 pages of calendars and planning pages to set and smash your goals!)

So I've been trying to use this planner this year to try to keep track of life! I am so bad at keeping up with everything that we have going on! I found this planner and I just print out some pages and put them in a binder that I already had. I need to get some more color ink so the pages look as pretty as they do on the screen, but that hasn't been on my to-do list! I am also hoping to get a new binder or something to hold it all. I want something that matches the beautiful pages a little better. But I decided right at the start of the year to do this and their wasn't much time to find the perfect things!

So here is a picture of how I've been using it.

I sometimes don't get everything filed out and that bothers me a little but I am starting to let go. It has been helping me remember that I need to spend time studying my bible. I am enjoying finding a specific verse to write down and sort of meditate on through the day.

Do you like to journal? Have you maybe started up again since the new year started? I definitely like using this planner more than just using a blank notebook because I need someone to tell me what to write and what to keep track of but I know that isn't the same for everyone else.

What do you think?


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